Past Events & Photos

Humble Beginnings

Boxers West began with a few German Boxer owners looking to “connect” on the West Coast.  In 2002, “Karhgo” (Kahrgo K9-11 v Bachbett, CGC) entered her life, and Colleen Gable reached out to then USA-BOX secretary Joyce Mosa and was introduced to John Alinsug and “Q” (Quirinus vom Bockreiter, VPG3).   Not long after, a few “Khargo” half-siblings were found not too far away (“Taryn” (AyDa Bonjour, VPG2) owned by Charles and Jennifer Montgomery being one of them) and the first (albeit small) official Boxer Bash was held in 2006.  With each year, another bash was held, and with each gathering the group grew.  In 2010, Boxers West was officially recognized as a Regional Club under USA-BOX.  We continue to hold an annual “Boxer Bash”, an informal get together, where boxer lovers (working, conformation, German, NA and everything in between) meet up, exchange tips on training, discuss all things boxer (and non-boxer like sports, cars, hunting, kids, you name it) and of course EAT!  Along with an annual Boxer Bash, we also try to hold a more formal event, a USA-BOX sponsored show/trial, or a training seminar.  Please stay tuned for our next event, and hope you will join us!

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Annual Boxer Bashes

6th Annual Boxers West Boxer Bash

2017 Golden State Classic:

Boxers West Club Show & 2017 USABOX National Sieger Show


Boxers West was excited to host the FIRST dual European-Style show weekend.  Two breed specialist from Europe judged our event.  This European-style conformation show is open to all intact boxers regardless of origin and we welcome and encourage all boxer lovers to attend. Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to take advantage of two different esteemed judges, two valuable, detailed critiques,  beautiful prizes, wonderful raffles, fabulous company and of course LOTS of delicious food. 

Judge:  Pedro Bispo (Portugual) 
Judge/Kormeister:  Mathais Wolf (Germany) 
Judge’s Critiques (both days): (DOWNLOAD HERE to view)

2014 USA-BOX Championship Sieger Show

WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Please see events page for results/details

WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Please see events page for results/details

2012 USA-BOX National Working Championship Trial 

Click *Here* to see the Trial Catalog and sponsors.  For full write-up and photos click below:

2011 USA-BOX National Sieger hosted by Boxers West

Full write-up and photos available below:


2010 Ingmar Sioen (van Sapho Hoeve, Belgium) Working Seminar hosted by Dornenbusch Boxers and Boxers West

Photos can be seen on the Boxers West FB page