2018 Board Members:


Colleen Gable (Lock n Load Boxers) – President

Teresa Willow – Vice President

Tommy Davis – Treasurer

Katrina Sun (Soleil Boxers) – Secretary

Kevin Espino (Dornenbush Boxers) & Cynthia Gibson – Member(s) at Large


Members in Good Standing:

Bill Gable (Lock n Load Boxers)

Cindy Okada

Christine Paciello

Cynthia Gibson

Darlyne Duffey (Runway Boxers)

Emily & John Dalton (Eureka Euroboxers)

Frank Ramirez

Javier Martinez (Vom Royalhaus Boxers)

Karen Van Hoepen & Reymundo Perez

Kerri Carter (Aldarra Boxers)

Kristina Gaylord

Megan Pilarcik

Reegan Ray (Great Expectations Boxers)

Rich Sun (Soleil Boxers)

Shannon Jordan (Ohana Laki Boxers)

Teresa Willow

William Thomas(Tommy) Davis  & Maria Valencia


Membership Requirements 

Since Boxers West is a regional club of USA-BOX, members of Boxers West are held to the Constitution and Code of Ethics of our parent club USA-BOX (click to read the history and COE).   Being as how a well-rounded boxer (health, temperament, structure/conformation) is our goal, and the members of Boxers West do our best to uphold the standards set forth by our parent club.  Membership to USA-BOX is very much encouraged for all Boxers West members, however at this point (2012), is not mandatory.  If you share a passion for preserving the boxer’s working heritage, and would like more information on joining Boxers West, please feel free to email us at or email our webmistress directly at